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Audrey has been attending Jubilee Worship Center (formerly Lake Station Church of God) for 45 years and has served in Jubilee Child Care for almost 20 of those years. Audrey has been married to Doug Reno for 40 years, which is almost unheard of in this day and age! Together, they have 3 children, Heather (Eddie) Hardin, Dannette Mercer and Doug Reno Jr, and 7 grandchildren.

Her grandson Drake, who will turn 14 this January, is an avid motocross rider, in advanced classes at Willowcreek Middle School and has played baseball since he was 6.  

Granddaughter Mykelah has been playing girls softball at Portage Junior Miss for 4 years. She attends Willowcreek Middle School where she was chosen to sing Circle the State with Song in Indiana and has been nominated to try out to sing in a national choir at Carnegie Hall this spring. Mykelah will turn 13 this December.

Lillian, Audrey's soon to be 11 year old granddaughter, has been playing girls softball with Portage Junior Miss for 4 years and is one of the best catchers Audrey has ever seen, a ball rarely gets past her. She is very artistic and has a love of reading books. Lillian attends Central Elementary.

Granddaughter Avlin lives in Madisonville, KY and Attends Grace Baptist School. She loves Bible class and enjoys cheerleading for her school. She has played softball for 2 years and loves to swim. Avlin is very involved in her church, Covenant Community, where her Mom and Dad are the Junior High Pastors. She will turn 10 in March.

Her youngest granddaughter Ariana will be 2 this January and attends Jubilee Child Care with me everyday. It is a joy for Audrey to have the privilege to spend her time with Ariana, watching her grow and develop.

Eddie, Audrey's step-grandson attends Knox High School where he plays football and will graduate this June. He just turned 17 this past October.

Audrey's step-granddaughter Leigha graduated from Portage High School this past June and will turn 19 in May. Laigha works as a dining room attendant in a local nursing home.